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Taste it

The enogastronomy products lead you to the discovery of the Garfagnana's culture and way of life, which can start in the tavern/restaurant in the Mont'Alfonso Fortress.

Mushrooms, chestnuts, sausages, game, cheeses, several species of fish - first of all trout - together with rural dishes as farro soup, polenta corn, vegetable soups, are some of the traditional cuisine proposals, often enriched by the scent of aromatic herbs. Many of the latter are found in the small botanical garden of the Fortress, where medicinal plants and wild fruit trees, rare specimens of biodiversity of the area, can be found.

All year round the restaurant's managers organize events: from wedding receptions to tastings days when all the products that represent the excellence of the territory and the made in Italy in Tuscany can be enjoyed.

Farro soup
Tagliatelle with wild boar sauce
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