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At the Mont'Alfonso Fortress you'll discover how to learn, while having fun.

The structure provides qualified personnel staff to help the children to discover topics related to the environment, ecology, sustainable consumption, energy saving, recycling ... giving them useful informations they can use at home.

You'll learn with games and DIY in classrooms or through excursions in the area, discovering caves, parks, nature reserves.

The workshops, which are held in the Villino Liberty, have different lesson plans: they could be spot (two hours maximum) or organized as different meetings in which  the lessons are planned according to the needs of the school.

Information and reservations:
I.A.T. Garfagnana
Apuan Alps & Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Parks Visitor Center
Piazza delle Erbe 1 - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Lu)
tel 0583.65169 - 0583.644242 fax 0583.648435 - 644242
email garfagnana@tin.it

Children drawing during a teaching activity
The hand of a child (detail)
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