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The Popular Traditions Centre

The Popular Traditions Centre has the task to provide for the conservation, promotion, enhancement, study and research of the demographic-ethnic-anthropological culture in Lucca area.

The Centre coordinates and promotes initiatives related to local traditions, it values the popular theatre (comic and dramatic) and collaborates with Institutions and Associations that carry out an important conservation activities of oral traditions and material culture.

It is equipped with a library that collects publications and specialized works and publications.

It manages moreover the Provincial Ethnographic Museum "Don Luigi Pellegrini" generously donated in 1987 to the Provincial Administration of Lucca.

The Museum, placed in San Pellegrino in Alpe (Castiglione Garfagnana) inside of a millenarian hospice, is a rich collection of culture material of Central Italy, created with a long and constant work by Don Luigi Pellegrini in order to testify aspects of the rural civilization of the Serchio Valley and the Tosco-emilano Apennine.

Open on Monday - Friday (by appointment only)

tel. 0583. 4171     0583.417297



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Museum of Popular Traditions Center
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